STEPH&TY Gili Air, Indonesia

We have always dreamt of taking pictures in Indonesia. It is always
a special feeling to have a dream come!

While taking pictures we always feel connected to the nature surrounding us and this time we were surrounded by the most beautiful and lush one we have ever seen. Gili Air is a small island, one hour way by boat from famous Bali. It takes 40 minutes to walk around the island and what you see is breathtaking. Wonderful, white-sanded and almost empty beaches, colorful fishes, palms and flowers of any color you can imagine.

To watch the sunset there is a lifetime experience. We did that with our couple Stephanie and Ty and it was a pure pleasure to have a walk and take pictures at the beach until the sun goes down. It was their first time at Bali and Lombok too and we share our experiences as the people from different parts of the world. They come from Oregon in the USA (The place we are also going to visit soon by the way, can’t wait!).

If you would like to elope with us to Bali/Lombok, Java or Komodo/Flores just let us know! We would love to come back there. We might even move there for couple of months next winter 🙂


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